We have been developing AI based products since 2018.

All products are in-house built.

The unique code and a highly professional development team makes our products easily adaptable to the specifics of any business, which is why major companies like SberMarket, Rostelecom, Rigla, etc. choose TargetAI.

Our team

20 years in Telecom and management consulting.
ex - MTC, Rostelecom, Kearney, Nokia, INSEAD
Andrey Zimenkov
20 years in Product Management.
ex - MTS, Rostelecom, Megafon
Burmetev Danila
Development Director
7 years in the financial sector: analytics, project and product management.
ex - Central Bank OF the RF
Denis Zubretsky
7 years in the financial sector: IT development, architecture and R&D.
ex - Central Bank OF the RF
Dmitry Zubretsky
7 years of creating products in Telecom.
ex - MTS, MTT, Yota
Ivan Artemev
Product Director
More than 30 motivated specialists
The rest of the team
13 years in IT(e-commerce): Commerce and product.
ex-Vezet, Skladno, AERO, golama
Korchevny Alexander
Enjoy the advantages
of TargetAI
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