Products for sales

Smart Voice Robot

Leads warmup

Preliminary call consisting of a well-designed dialogue and purchase offer to the customer. Next the call is transferred to the sales department
Sales conversion 8%
Speech analytics

Effective Sales

Monitoring of script adherence during dialogues with customers, reporting on the quality of conducting the conversation by each employee (pauses, filler words, etc.)
Sales increase of up to 20%
Speech analytics
Voice Assistant on the company's website conducts customer conversations, helps finding the required product, answers questions, and helps complete purchase and delivery
Increase conversion and sales on the site

Website Voice Assistant

Smart Voice Robot
100% of calls without loss

Lead Generator

Calls that the company employee cannot receive are forwarded to a voice bot
Smart Voice Robot

Wide outreach

Immediate growth of customer communication channels. Flexible customizable scripts for sales outbound calls
100k+ calls per day

Products for service and maintenance

Smart Voice Robot
Reducing the related workload of the call center to 0%
Automatically consulting customers on the frequently asked questions, sending requested information via messengers

Virtual Manager for FAQ


Smart Voice Robot
Conducting marketing surveys of large scale on any subject. XX calls per day with ten questions. Getting a report within X days
Up to 40 000 calls per day with flexible schedule settings
Reducing the cost of one call by up to 80%

Smart IVR

Smart Voice Robot
Replacing the push-button IVR with a Virtual Manager that immediately recognises the subject and purpose of the call, collects the information, and transfers the call to the appropriate specialist
Speech analytics
Increasing the number of issues resolved during the first call up to 20% and increasing the NPS

Golden Standard Script

Selecting the most effective dialogues to compile “almost perfect” new scripts or correcting the existing ones
Monitoring customer conversations for adherence to the approved script through keywords and dialogue sequence

Script adherence

Improving the quality of service and increasing NPS
Speech analytics
Speech analytics

Call Classifier

Building an effective matrix of appeals
Creating a comprehensive classifier that sorts customer calls by subject and purpose. Classifier is based on the conversations database analysis
Reducing the related call center workload to 0%

Virtual Manager for informing and collecting information

Smart Voice Robot
Product that performs auto-informer functions and receives information from customers without engaging any additional human resources. Can be launched within hours and make over 3000 calls per day
CSI increase of 3 points
Fast and effective training of field personnel with the help of artificial intelligence. Reduce customer contact time and increase the speed of training

Voice simulators

New product

Products for HR

Recruitment of front line personnel

Smart Voice Robot
  • Reducing the selection time by 15 times (1300 calls per day by a bot vs. 15 calls by a human)
  • Reducing recruitment costs by four times compared to a call center
Automation of certain stages of the interview before making an offer. Automatic appointment for face-to-face interviews.

Immersive training

Smart Voice Robot
Conducting interactive learning through live speech dialogues. New level of knowledge testing using voice bots, with individual testing carried out according to random scenarios
  • Personalized learning
  • Decrease of cheating during the tests, increase in skill levels of all employees

Chat and chatbot

Onboarding – Virtual Mentor
  • Increasing the speed of adaptation
  • Reducing the workload of HR
  • Increasing employee loyalty
Chat assistance to new employees in finding required information, navigating the company, arranging meetings and important events during the onboarding period. Appointing a mentor, organizing communication via chat
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