Chatbot automates customer support and helps streamline certain processes by reducing support costs

Chats and chatbots

Chatbots are effective for marketing, HR, sales, customer service and other business functions. Chatbot helps improve efficiency of communication with both customers and employees
Chatbot supports an unlimited number of simultaneous conversations without missing a single potential customer

Sales increase

Chatbot assists customers 24/7. In complex situations it collects all the necessary information and transfers it to the company specialist

Customer loyalty growth

Time spent on new employee onboarding is reduced enormously with the help of chatbot. The bot helps finding information one needs, contacting the mentor, promptly solving the problem by using colleagues' knowledge and expertise

Corporate Communication

The chatbot helps customer navigate their personal account, which becomes a tool for solving any issue, as well as contacting a customer service employee for help online, directly from the personal account

Growth in the conversion of personal account users

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