Allows monitoring of inbound and outbound calls, and analyzes audio recordings to identify specified keywords and phrases

Speech analytics

Integration of speech analytics allows to digitize and analyze customer communication. This contributes to the professional development of staff and increases business profits.
Sales growth for selected SKUs based on the results of speech analytics integration
Increase in the number of issued loyalty cards following product integration
Increase in revenue due to improvement in the employee performance and competencies using speech analytics
Monitoring of the call center agent's adherence to scripts of any complexity. Creating individual reports for each employee and general analytics

Script adherence monitoring

Detecting and documenting recordings that contain negative emotions. This allows to promptly respond to problematic situations

Identifying conflict situations

Reducing the number of conflict situations, improving NPS. Helps identify areas of growth and best practices for the staff

Customer Support Service improvement

Generating a report for the specific time, call center agent, department, keywords in the calls (over ten parameters)

Customizable reports

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