Bot that is reproducing human speech substitutes a specialist in performing certain routine work. That work includes answering the most frequently asked questions, following conversation scripts and performing required actions

Voice bots

The bot is trained and fine-tuned using actual database of calls. The bot is able to process hundreds of calls simultaneously, increasing the success rate
Of outbound calls to confirm order or clarify the receiving time are processed by a bot
Positive response from promo calls, increase in customer retention
workload reduction for call center due to the voice assistant integration
Integrated Voice Assistant allows receiving order confirmations, specifying delivery time, making advertising calls without engaging call center agents

Outbound calls

Voice Assistant processes requests, informs customers on the order status, provides additional information and makes changes to orders

Inbound calls

Voice bot processes orders and provides support without breaks and days off, positively influencing customer loyalty

24/7 support

Removes up to 99% of the call center staff workload (outbound calls), allowing to optimize the call center staff and its costs

HR optimization

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